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Backpackers Vibes hot tips on meeting new people whilst travelling South East Asia.

Backpackers Vibes hot tips on meeting new people whilst travelling South East Asia.

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If your planning on travelling alone the no1 thing that probably been playing on your mind is….will I meet new people and will I make friends? The answer  to that question is absolutely!! Here’s our top 5 tip to make you the social king or queen!!

No.1 We are backpackers vibes we love to socialise and party so do yourself a favour and research the area first using the trip advisor or google make sure to type in party hostels and go with the reviews that sound like you and your friends.

No.2 Checking into a large dorm can scare some people but look what’s more worrying the thought of seeing someone half naked or the thought of spending the night in on your own.  Walk into the dorm introduce yourself  and asks some questions about your new roomies. +The beds are cheaper.

No.3 Ask the question that everyone’s waiting to hear “So does anyone fancy pre- drinks?” “seven eleven is just around the corner.” After years of testing we’ve come to the conclusion at backpackers vibes that there’s no better remedy to making life long friends then cheap alcohol and drinking games.

No.4 You are travelling so it would be quite rude to not see a bit of the place before you up and leave to the next party town. Ask around what people’s plans are for the coming weeks if there doing something that interests you take the opportunity and jump on it. You be surprised about the places you stubble across just through word of mouth.

No.5 Finally One of the best assets of a backpacker who is travelling alone is that they don’t have any ties to keeping friends or partners happy. If you wake up one morning and you’ve had enough just pack your bags say your social media goodbyes and head off into the direction of new experiences and friendships.

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