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“Doll is ideal” What is the reason why women themselves transform into love dolls?

“Doll is ideal” What is the reason why women themselves transform into love dolls?

Adult toys

There is “Human love doll factory” which will be photographed with Love Doll


There is a service in Osaka that women get into Love Dolls and take pictures. Originally, why is there a woman who is fascinated by this doll whose man is a “partner” of sex acts?

“From now on you are Ami-chan, now Ami-chan, sit here and turn your eyes straight.” That said, female photographer LEiy A (Layer) cut the camera shutter. A lady (30) was sitting at the end of the lens.

The woman is expressionless and the eyes are hollow. Posture is somewhat awkward. That should be it. Because she was shooting as a doll, not as a human being.

“Ami” facing photography

” Human love doll factory “. There is a service that began in December 2017 with such a shop name. It is the contents that make women resemble Love Sex Doll by the power of makeup and photography technology and make it a photographic work. Photographed several people from service start. It is said that inquiries and reservations are also entered periodically.

What I am doing is IMA (Ima) of a female makeup artist who is managing a shop ” girls in girls ” who has a girlfriend experiencing men’s make-up with LLEiyA.We are operating a house of LEiyA in Higashi Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, instead of a studio.

Idea came up with an idea. IMA says.

Until then I came to work to make up for men who want to wear a girl. So I wanted to do something for women next time. However, my makeup technique is special, honesty, if a woman wants an ordinary makeup, I think that there are many make-up teachers that can do better than I do.

When I thought that what is not in the world, what I can only do is to do, just then I read the book “LOVE DOLL × SHINOYAMA KISHIN” by Shinoyama Kishin. Literally, it is a photo collection of love dolls, but the love dolls look just like a real woman. It is amazing. Then, the opposite idea of what would happen if genuine women were brought close to love doll began.

Love doll is a product for men. However, IMA believed that his idea was acceptable to women.

When I tried searching with the keywords “Love Doll” “Make” on the net on the trial, I found that there was quite a lot of requests like “Please tell me that makeup”. Further examination suggests that there are many women among those who visit Orient Industry, a manufacturer of love dolls. Oh, girls like love dolls, and so on.

For men, I think love doll has a sexual meaning, but there are also different reactions from women, some people are simply “cute”.

IMA invited me to present this idea to Ms. LEiyA who I met at a drinking party and to do it together. Mr. LEiyA has been taking photographs on women’s nude and gender etc. who are having sex so far. Because of the character that other people do not do, IMA’s proposal was accepted in two reply.

What is the hammer?

IMA is in charge of makeup, LEiyA is in charge of taking and photographing. Naturally, there are many ideas to make a living person resemble a love doll. IMA reveal it.

It is different from women ‘s usually made make – up. In order to resemble Love Doll, make-up makes her mouth small, she looks like she looks at her eye and eyebrows. For details, it is a company secret.

“Ami” who receives make-up before shooting

Meanwhile, LEiyA talks like this.

Love doll is made of silicon. It is important to get rid of “human popularity” to give a sense of that material. Depending on how natural light is applied to make the skin look soft, or in some cases, after imaging, the image is processed with software to erase wrinkles on the skin.

Since the doll can not take a flexible posture like a human being, I will care about the angle of the joint and the place where the center of gravity is put in order to give out such puppetry.

The most important thing is to make it feel a little disgusting. We say “a little disgusting” (laugh), but this is something, is not love doll used by men? So clothes and so on can be dressed with clothes and underwear chosen by “men’s eyes”. And it is slightly off the things that women think is cute (laugh).

So, I also dare to wear somewhat disgusting clothes. By doing so, you can finish the customer into a real love doll.

“Ami” facing photography

LEiyA says that in order to pursue the realism to the utmost limit, when you shoot you can become a man who owns love doll. From the mindset that named “Ami” to the woman introduced at the beginning, “I came up with” Ami “at first, inspiration,” LEiyA says.

Completed works

“I love puppetry”

After shooting, I asked “Ami” impression.

– How was the shooting?

I am very satisfied. On the contrary, it was good that you could say “I do not have to look at the camera.” The picture of the camera’s eyes, the expression was not so good at all the time. I guess other girls would like to do it, too. I think that popularity comes out because the idea is unique.

After dropping “Mi Ami” make-up, a woman

– Why did you decide to become a love doll?

I like dolls since I was a child, and that was the only time I was playing with Rika. When I become a high school student, I like spherical joint dolls. Especially it is a cartoon “Rosen Maiden” doll.

It seems that underlying things like humanoid shaping are the basis, human beings have a sense of discomfort in some sense (laugh). In comparison, the doll is beautiful, cute and exists only as a beautiful one. That is good, is not it?

Since IMA is doing a dressing makeup, I am following a Twitter fan, but I know that IMA will start a human love doll factory. So I made a reservation soon.

I told you earlier, but I am not good at making facial expressions in front of the camera. I did not say it myself, but on the contrary, I thought that the expressionless expression is absolutely cute. If it is a doll, you do not need a facial expression. So I wonder if I can take a picture of “a miracle” (laugh). I tried it, I think I was able to actually shoot.

– Have you prepared something for shooting?

I bought camisole for shooting. I do not usually wear it, so that’s why I decided to wear it, especially at this shoot.

– Did you tell someone to shoot?

I told my boyfriend. Then, it was an incomprehensive response “Oh, that’s good! But it does not matter. Because shooting was for himself.


IMA (right) and LEiyA


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