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Free Dress Designer Tips for Fashionistas

Free Dress Designer Tips for Fashionistas


You are scheduled for an event this weekend and you just can’t seem to find the perfect designer dress to wear. There are surely a lot of choices ranging from Gucci to Fendi, Lhuillier to Dela Renta, and you can’t make up your mind because they are all gorgeous in your eyes. Don’t despair; here are some Dress Designer tips for Fashionistas such as yourself!


Here comes the Bride!

Are you the blushing bride or the supportive bridesmaid in search for glamorous designer wedding dresses? There are a hundred designers to choose from but of course you have to know the style you want, in order to know which designers dresses to pick from.

If you want your dress to have handcrafted details, you can try a Justin Alexander where products are made of silk dupion and Venice.  Another is Margie Sottero designer wedding dresses if you want to go all lacy or get that look from princesses torn off a fairy tale. However, if you opt for the classic but with a modern twist, Monique Lhuillier does designer dresses just like that.

If you are in a place where designer shops are far-fetched, you can always count on the designers’ online stores which also makes it very convenient to purchase as another Dress Designer tips for Fashionistas.

Bring out the cocktails!

If you have been invited to cocktail parties or other similar events, then you know the importance of wearing trendy designer cocktail dresses! It does not only make you the star of the night but also make you feel good about yourself and how you look. Designer dresses worn in these events are more on the sophisticated fun side, making you mix a touch of sexy with sassy.

The guru of elegance Michael Kors could help you out with deciding which to wear. Kors, is known to be very flexible in his designer dresses that can offer you a style based on your preference. Another name you can count on in designer cocktail dresses is Gabby Skye. Gabby Skye takes print to a whole new level. Have fun with plains and prints if you prefer to wear Skye.

Donna Karan of DKNY cannot be absent from the list if you are in need of a designer cocktail dress. Designer dresses of DKNY go straight to your character. DKNY is good at making you feel content about your dress choice so you can have yourself a fabulous cocktail night life.


All About Parties

Everybody loves parties and the best way to make it a memorable one is to wear fantastic party designer dresses. An Alexander Mcqueen stands out with designer dresses because of its keen affiliation to contemporary vintage. It offers you the chance to swing back memory lane while donning the latest fashionable party designer dresses. You can also opt for a Dolce & Gabana if you want to look sleeker and more feminine. Emilio Pucci is also a superb selection for designer dresses. Pucci blends in fun and crazy in his collection of party designer dresses. It’s the perfect Dress Designer tips for Fashionistas and the party-animal in you.

Now get ready to do a shopping exercise or maybe a shopping surf spree to look for the perfect designer dress for you. Prepare yourself because there are a lot of choices for you to select from, and besides style you want, you should also consider the budget so you can be both beautiful and pocketful. Have fun with these Dress Designer tips for Fashionistas!

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