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Sexting is not a joke

Sexting is not a joke

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The fashion of being naked, taking pictures or videos in bold positions and ‘hanging’ them on the Internet or sending them on your mobile phone can become a real nightmare.

Take a nude or semi-nude photo with the cell phone, make an image with the couple in a daring position, or make a video with some degree of eroticism and then hang those scenes on the Internet or send them by e-mail, by SMS or put them on A social network seems to be a mischief but in reality it is a digital eroticism that has a great danger: one can be a victim of cyberbullying or extortion.

This increasingly growing action is called sexting, a phenomenon that has become fashionable among young people and adolescents. This exchange of suggestive photos, love scenes and nudes on the Internet or cell phone, erotic recordings and more, is already a worrying topic in Europe and the United States. The first to make the phenomenon public was Kimberly J. Mitchell, from the Crimes against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire.

Mitchell predicted: “Educators, authorities, and legislators will face an increase in young people who self-portray while having sex and another minority that captures these images and distributes them by mobile phone or the Internet.”


Everything would be a prank if it were not because young people expose that sexual content. They open their privacy and they become vulnerable: they may suffer from grooming (harassment of adults) or vile blackmail.

The phenomenon is worrisome because there are more and more minors being portrayed in cyberspace. In the study of Mitchell and his team, in January 2011, adolescents were asked, from 10 years to 17 years old, if they had been sent photos or videos of children under 18, if they forwarded those photos, or if they ever they took naked pictures, etc. Almost 10% admitted having appeared naked or half-naked in some image or have received this type of


An interesting fact refers to the context in which the images were made. “The majority did it as part of a relationship, others as a joke, others to start a relationship,” according to the study. In 31% of the cases, they were made under the use of alcohol and drugs.

The Sunday Telegraph newspaper cataloged 2005 as the year of the beginning of the sexting when two friends were photographed while bathing and images circulated on the network. The result: they were expelled from their schools for their obscene behavior.

Sexting, then, located between mischief and pornography, is a problem if it exceeds the limit of the joke. The young man can realize that what was fun in a moment can chase him for years. All a nightmare.


The expert Marisa Nightingale recommended parents ask their children to protect their privacy; that limit the hours of access to technology and try to privilege real and not virtual encounters with their friends; as well as a lot of dialogue with their parents.

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