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Spray On Some Perfume and Make Love to Your Hot Sexy Doll, Dear Women

Spray On Some Perfume and Make Love to Your Hot Sexy Doll, Dear Women

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As women, our sexual needs quite different from the men out there. We want a man, rugged and nice on the bed, while he should also be soft, tender and caring while post-coitus is on. This is just a fantasy which very few of us women can afford to say we do have in our lives. While the menfolk out there have hot sexy dolls for a company, why should we women stay back and not enjoy our sexuality to the fullest? It is time we too invested in a hot sexy male doll. One that stays long and strong for the whole night and more.

Make love to your doll like you want to

Paint your nails, wear your sexy lingerie, close your doors, pull down the window curtains and play some Barry White tonight, as you shower and wait to make love to your hot male sex doll. Unlike real men, he is a man who waits to please you, every inch and nook of your body. The hot male sex doll is your slave to say so, for he shall abide by your rules. Isn’t that what most of us women want?

Spray a little perfume to enhance the mood, lie naked beside your doll and gently caress its chest. Imagine the doll to be the hunk of your dreams. And this is a hunk who knows how to keep you happy down there. Gently slide your body over him, and start riding his long hard schlong with love. Be gentle at first so as not to hurt yourself. Allow his manhood penetrate deep within you, and let him nestle in your bosoms as his schlong enters your glory hole.

Gently ride him and get yourself all wet, and hold his hands to your breasts, to cup them as the motion takes up more speed. Give yourself more pushes and tugs, and continue the ride whilst you feel the ecstasy taking all over you. Massage his nipples and play with his belly, and let your doll know how well a job he is doing.

Go missionary with him, just the way you love it. Wrap your legs around his torso and gently let him slide inside you, while he falls straight on your breasts, face forward. Guide him to move to and fro, so that he pushes deeper, just the way you like it. Hold him tight while you come to your first climax, and don’t let go of him until you squirt every bit of love out from your orifice.

Once done, slide aside and hold onto him, you would love the feeling of a man holding onto you after a hot session. Let his fingers explore your breasts, your nipples, and your neck, and allow his manhood which is forever hard, try entering you once again from behind.

We did promise you that the male hot sex doll was for keeps, didn’t we? Well use your imagination and get yourself a hot male sex doll today! It would be worth the fun!

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