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Top 5 Places on the East Coast Australia that Promise Fun and Adventure

Top 5 Places on the East Coast Australia that Promise Fun and Adventure


East coast Australia offers great diversity and extremities to backpacking adventurers. There are sprawling sands, lush forests, pristine beaches, and coral reefs teeming with mysterious marine life. You can explore all these adventure filled places through sky diving, bungy jumping, hiking, sailing, 4WD, and bush walking.
Backpackers Vibes has covered the adventure-travel beat for East coast Australia for you. We have narrowed things down to the top five places which offer the best in terms of unforgettable scenic beauty and adrenaline boosting adventure:

Sky Dive at Mission Beach 
Mission beach is the best place to experience skydiving. This unforgettable 60 seconds of free tandem dive from 14,000 feet ends with a smooth landing on the shimmering 14 km long beach. Before the fall, you will be treated with a bird’s eye view of spectacular white beaches, dense rainforests, the amazing Great Barrier Reef and lush tropical islands. Some skydiving companies even offer a certificate to officiate the skydiving experience of thrill seekers.

Bungy Jump at Cairns

Visit Cairns and bungy jump from the 50 m tall AJ Hackett tower located in a lush rainforest. The tower promises not just an adrenaline rush but also a spectacular view of the Northern Beaches and the Great Barrier Reef. But if you prefer to sail through the air, then try the Minjin swing with your friends. A safety briefing is provided by a professional bungy instructor before both types of adventures. The site also has gardens, a sundeck and bar for the post adventure chilling out.

Dive and Snorkel in The Great Barrier Reef

Get an incredible view of the ocean life at the Great Barrier Reef, the best site for scuba diving or snorkelling. Tranquil bommies, secluded crevices and caves, shallow spots, gentle coral reefs and richer and deeper sites, the reef has something to offer to both beginners and experienced scuba divers. The divers will get a chance to see fauna, beaked whales, sperm whales, bottlenose dolphins, sailfish and marlin, huge schools of barracuda and tuna, Giant Trevally Turtles and Morays.

Explore the Whitsunday Islands
Awe and delight all your senses through a trip to the Whitsundays, 74 tropical Islands located in the waters of Australia’s Coral Sea. Experience the sun and sea through sailing. Though sailing is the most popular activity, enthusiasts also indulge into swimming, diving, snorkelling, scuba diving, and kayaking. Besides reefs and beaches, you can also bush walk and camp through the national parks to experience assorted vegetation, gullies of rainforests and crooked heaths.

Drive and Hike Through the Fraser Island

Get a chance to experience the rainforest and sand at one magical place. A 4WD is the best way to explore Fraser Island. Backpackers can hire a 4WD, self-drive, or opt for a tag along. Adventurers will get a chance to see the Maheno shipwreck, rainbow hued sands, and Eli Creek. You can also go adventure hiking and camping through the Valley of the Giants. Take a refreshing swim at McKenzie, Wabby and Basin Lakes. For the lovers of nature walk, there are 90 km long walking tracks and camping sites traversing through lush rainforest, shimmering lakes and huge sand dunes.
East coast Australia is a true haven for adventurers and thrill seekers, with a variety of outdoor activities that are sure to wow the senses. We hope this article will help you enjoy the best of all trips that you find to be popular on the east coast of Australia. Besides the adventure of a lifetime, you will get an opportunity to find new mates and swap exciting stories!

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